Paper: Investigating the Potential of AI-driven Innovations for Enhancing Differential Evolution in Optimization Tasks (IEEE SMC 2023)

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Paper: On Modifications Towards Improvement of theExploitation Phase for SOMA Algorithm withClustering-aided Migration and AdaptivePerturbation Vector Control (IEEE SSCI 2021)

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Paper: Effective data reduction model for machine emergency states detection from big data tree topology structures (in International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS))

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Paper: Self-organizing Migrating Algorithm with Clustering-aidedMigration and Adaptive PRT Parameter (GECCO 2021)

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Paper: SOMA-CLP for Competition on Bound Constrained Single Objective Numerical Optimization Benchmark (GECCO 2021)

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Paper: How Does the Number of Objective Function Evaluations Impact Metaheuristics? (in IEEE Access)
The original supplementary material has been subsequently extended and is now available as an open access full-paper in Mendel journal.
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Paper: Study on SOMA with non-binary PRT vector (SEMCCO 2019)

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